A lot

Moltto is the result of the union of several artisan bakers and pastry chefs who share the "slow food" philosophy, which consists of the use of high quality flours, stone oven and slow fermentations. The sum of their experiences results in both innovative and classic creations that can be consumed on the spot or taken home., and among which stand out the cobbled cereal bread, the cuquillo olives or the French pastries made with Brittany butter.

Address: Pça. of the Queen, 9, 46001 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Thursday 9:00 a 1:00 h, Friday and Saturday of 9:00 a 00:00 h
Phone: 960 11 41 55


The Parisien

In 2007, a Briton living in Valencia founded this space that has become one of the favorite meeting points for lovers of gourmet pastries. The chain of cafeterias-patisseries El Parisien offers its own recipe products that include sixteen different types of breads, French pastries made with Charentes butter (recognized by its denomination of origin), quiches, petit four salados… In 2009 was recognized with the Award for Excellent Commerce of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Address: Salamanca Street, 2, 46005 Valencia



The interesting mix of Argentine pastries, Spanish and German make this place in the Ruzafa neighborhood a must for lovers of delicatessen pastries. Its main specialties are alfajores –a variety of Latin American sweets with Spanish origin–, the saloons filled with dulce de leche and apple strudel, a typical traditional dessert of Austrian cuisine and southern Germany.

Address: Jesus Street, 71 / Of. France, 8
Phone: 960 112 316 / 961 953 313


Casserole dish & Co

This cafeteria-pastry shop is located in the surroundings of the City of Arts and Sciences and its gourmet offer with cupcakes, homemade cakes, pancakes or Greek yogurt with granola have made it a name in town. The decoration of the premises and the warmth it gives off make it an ideal place to have a quiet breakfast in the best environment.

Address: Paseo de la Alameda, 48, 46023 Valencia, Valencia
Phone: 963 236 449


Bar Alhambra

This bar that only opens in the mornings, every weekday, has been gathering loyal customers of all kinds for decades. It's old, narrow and with very little space, but its exquisite potato omelette little curd, juicy, –But not liquid–, It is the best in the city for many of the Valencians. So is his back "bludgeoned", they recommend asking just to sit down, since it takes a while to be prepared.

Address: Avenue of Valladolid, 6, 46020 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday through Friday 9:00 a 0:00 h, Saturday of 18:30 a 1:30 h
Phone: 600 24 85 90


La Petite Brioche

La Petite Brioche is a French pastry and pastry establishment that is located in the Ensanche area of ​​Valencia and that offers an assortment of homemade breakfasts. Its main menus are two, the namesake of the place, Petite Brioche - which includes coffee, cake / muffin / cupcake and orange juice– and the Americano –coffee, pancakes and orange juice–, and their specialties are cronuts, a French version of the donuts made with croissant dough and filled with cocoa or raspberry cream.

Address: Carrer de Sorní, 28, 46004 Valencia
Schedule: Monday through Friday 9:00 a 20:00 h, Saturday and Sunday of 9:00 a 14:00 and of 17:00 a 20:00 h
Phone: 963 22 36 77


La Peseta Winery

An alternative for those who prefer to have a salty breakfast, rich and cheap. La Peseta is a charismatic and traditional place located very close to the port of Valencia, in the Grao neighborhood. Their breakfast offer is similar to that of a lunch, with a great variety of Mediterranean tapas and tortillas (potato, zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower, tender garlic, pepper ...). further, its environment offers both an interior space and a small terrace.

Address: 46011, Carrer del Cristo del Grau, 16, 46011 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday through Friday 8:00 a 00:00 h
Phone: 960 43 15 85



It is the first cafeteria-patisserie specialized in products for celiacs. In this establishment, the development of new recipes is investigated with the aim that people with gluten intolerance can enjoy the same pastries as the rest. For those who do not suffer from celiac disease, CeliacRuz presents a pastry with new flavors that allows you to experience new sensations and recreate yourself in a world of unknown perceptions. The place offers a bright atmosphere with minimalist decoration.

Address: C. from Cuba, 54, 46006 Valencia
Phone: 963 41 33 88



The store

This tapas bar is causing a sensation in the Ruzafa neighborhood. They are classified as rustic cuisine and offer original tapas with wonderful current and traditional flavors, all of them accompanied by the taste of a good wine: cold tapas, hot, toast, burgers, desserts…

Address: Swedish Street, 41, 46022 Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Thursday 20:30 a 23:30 h, Friday and Saturday of 20:30 a 0:00 h
Phone: 963 28 12 00


Los Madriles Taberna

Los Madriles is a Spanish tavern with delicious tapas, ideal for sharing at night or at noon. Grilled octopus is one of its star tapas, together with the squid onions with baby broad beans and feta cheese or the veal sirloin muffin and foie. further, it is a perfect place to enjoy a vermouth.

Address: Avenue Kingdom of Valencia, 48, 46005 Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 12:00 a 17:00 and h 19:00 a 0:30 h, Sunday of 12:00 a 17:00 h
Phone: 963 73 91 01


Kaña Makan

Authentic signature cuisine is developed in this space that blends Mediterranean and exotic flavors. Both sandwiches, montaditos and tapas are at a very economical price without this meaning a loss of quality, quite the opposite: every bite is a delight. Desserts add up, further, to this delicious offer.

Address: Swedish Street, 61, 46006 Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday 20:00 a 0:00 h, Wednesday to Sunday from 17:00 a 0:00 h
Phone: 960 15 07 96


Taberna La Sènia

This cozy place is located in the historic center of Valencia, behind the Lonja and very close to the Central Market. Offers original tapas, servings of Mediterranean cuisine and authentic market cuisine, as well as a wide variety of craft beers and wines. It has an outdoor terrace, ideal to enjoy the Mediterranean climate of the city.

Address: Carrer de la Sénia, 2, 46001 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday through Friday 19:00 a 0:00 h, Saturday and Sunday of 12:00 a 17:00 and h 19:00 a 0:00 h
Phone: 611 49 76 77


Mountain House

The quality of the tapas and portions of the Casa Montaña winery is known throughout Valencia. Locals and foreigners come to this place from 1836 to taste an infinity of exquisite tapas with ham, shellfish, anchovies, potatoes, sausages and other Mediterranean gastronomic products that do not leave anyone indifferent.

Address: Carrer de Josep Benlliure, 69, 46011 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 13:30 a 16:00 and h 19:30 a 23:30 h
Phone: 963 672 314


Taberna la Mora

Taberna la Mora is a must for all lovers of tapas and wine, since it has a great menu with more than 60 references. It is located a few meters from Plaza España and its proposal is simple, but integrates flavors from around the world with traditional Spanish cuisine and authentic gourmet food.

Address: Carrer de Sant Francesc de Borja, 1, 46007 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 12:00 a 1:00 h
Phone: 963 813 959


Mama Racha Tavern

Unmissable tavern in this area of ​​Valencia with delicious and captivating tapas, both traditional and creative. In an informal and carefree atmosphere, emphasizes customer service and the quality of the raw material for the preparation of each dish. At Mama Racha you can enjoy our meals with menus at a good price or afternoons on our terrace with a delicious vermouth or a generous glass of wine.

Address: Carrer de Ciscar, 15, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday through Sunday 12:00 a 17:00 h and monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of 18:00 a 0:00 h
Phone: 960 065 558


Central Bar by Ricard Camarena

This space stands out for its location inside the Central Market of Valencia. For this reason it is not surprising that the products they use to make their sandwiches, tapas and dishes have an incredible quality and taste, courtesy of the Valencian chef Ricard Camarena.

Address: Central Market, Bruges City Square, s/n, 46002 Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday 8:30 a 15:30 h
Phone: 963 829 223


Both mounts

Both Monta stands as one of the best places to enjoy quality montaditos and pinchos in all of Valencia: goat cheese with blackberry jam, aubergine and quail egg, octopus ... the list goes on and on with plenty of perfect snacks for different tastes and palates.

Address: Carrer del Poeta Artola, 19, 46021 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 19:00 a 1:00 h
Phone: 963 298 106


San Nicolás Restaurant

The San Nicolás Restaurant is the perfect place to have tapas with friends, family, coworkers or partner. It is located near the Central Market, in an old typical house in the old part of the city where traditional Mediterranean cuisine is prepared with fresh local products.

Address: Plaça de Joan de Vila-rasa, 8, Low, 46001 Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 12:00 a 17:00 h, Friday and Saturday of 20:00 a 0:00 h
Phone: 963 915 984


Boatella Tapas

A traditional tapas bar with a privileged location in front of the Central Market - next to the Lonja de Valencia-, whose first quality fresh products come from there. It is a mandatory stop for lovers of Valencian tapas such as fried prawns, the nose, tellinas or cuttlefish.

Address: Market Square, 34, 46001 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Wednesday to Monday from 8.00 a 0.00 h
Phone: 963 154 071


Secretary Living Room

This restaurant has a neat atmosphere, cozy, with an original offer of tapas and dishes with an emphasis on local and seasonal produce in the heart of Ciutat Vella, an area away from the usual bustle of the city. Secreter Sala de Estar is an ideal place to enjoy Mediterranean and fusion cuisine and a charming terrace located in an interior patio.

Address: Carrer dels Mestres, 5, 46003 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday through Friday 8.00 a 16.00 h, Saturday of 13.30 a 16.30 h, Friday and Saturday night of 20.30 a 0.00 h
Phone: 963 922 026 / 616 228 071


Bar Pilar

Known as La Pilareta, this is one of those specialty bars with a long history that remains intact over time. Since it opened at the beginning of the 20th century, has always been full, both at meal times and at dinners. There are numerous and exquisite tapas, but if he is famous for something, it is for his clochinas, A must for anyone visiting Valencia.

Address: Carrer del Moro Zeid, 13, 46001 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Wednesday to Sunday from 12.30 a 16 and h 20 a 23.30 h
Phone: 677 084 780


Barecito del Carmen

This little corner of Valencia next to the Central Market falls in love with both its interior and exterior. Combine history and modernity, and the simple idea of ​​enjoying a snack or a beer under its 12th century Gothic arch dazzles or of sitting at the tables on its terrace and enjoying the sun and the atmosphere that forms in the historic quarter of the city.

Address: Market Square, 20, 46001 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Sunday to Wednesday 8.30 a 16.30 h, Thursday 8.30 a 0 h, Friday of 8.30 a 1 h and saturday of 9 a 1 h
Phone: 961 812 451


Barbados Restaurant

In Barbados there are no tricks: has always kept the kitchen open and has used the display case to display fresh produce. Every day the gender that is received is prepared with detail and care, preserving and always looking for the best suppliers in the sector. Mediterranean gastronomy made tapas thanks to a product and service from 10.

Address: Carrer de los Pedrones, 2, 46017 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 13.00 a 16.00 h, Wednesday to Saturday from 20 a 23.30 h
Phone: 963 778 985


Bar Marvi

The slogan of the manager of Bar Marvi: “I want Bar Marvi to be everyone's bar, where you can have lunch, comer, have dinner or have a coffee or wine at the bar at any time of the day. As they have been doing for 30 years many clients, now friends.” Bar Marvi is a bar with generous and delicious portions: montaditos, octopus, bravas ... a traditional place with a familiar air.

Address: Carrer dels Sants Just i Pastor, 14, 46021 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday and Tuesday of 9 a 20 h, Wednesday to Saturday from 9 a 0 h
Phone: 963 618 556



One of the most complete tapas bars in Valencia, whose tapas you can enjoy in an intimate corner or at the bar informally. Since its inception in the 40, this house has changed a lot physically, but it retains the spirit of its predecessors, with good service and complicity with customers and suppliers, that provide selected products to prepare a healthy and tasty cuisine.

Address: Carrer d’Àngel Guimerà, 61, 46008 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Wednesday to Saturday from 8.30 a 18 and h 20 a 0.30 h, Sundays and holidays 9 a 17 h
Phone: 963 84 31 93


The Cooperativa del Mar

Emblematic place in the Ruzafa neighborhood that was born from a love affair with the canning tradition of Portugal. High-quality raw materials and crafts come together in this small place that tastes like the gastronomic culture of the Lusitanian country.

Address: Azorín Literary Street, 18, 46006 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 19 a 0 h
Phone: 963 22 44 42


Restaurante Maipi

Maipi is a restaurant in Valencia, characterized from the beginning, in 1983, for offering a high quality product. Its bar is one of those "magical" bars with a special charm that combines the essence of Spanish market gastronomy in the same space., good company and conversation, with an efficient service, that has made it one of the most requested in Valencia.

Address: Carrer del Mestre Josep Serrano, 1, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday through Friday 13.30 a 16 and h 20 a 23.30 h
Phone: 963 73 57 09


Bar Mistela

Bar Mistela is not just a place for tapas, is much more. It's a bar with a neighborhood soul, with a careful interior, with a detailed letter and a familiar decoration. Highly recommended tapas are their old cow meatballs, his bravas, their torreznos, his Russian salad and his cuttlefish with mayonnaise.

Address: Nervión River Street, 11, 46025 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday through Friday 9.30 a 13 h, Saturday and Sunday of 10 a 13.30 h
Phone: 961 05 52 41



Platero Utopic Food

Meat, smoke, ember, starters, good vibes and some brutal burgers. This is Platero Utopic Food, the most carnivorous place of chef Alejandro Platero, where the search for unique flavors prevails, offering grilled and smoked cuisine with long cooking times that provide a special and different personality. Enjoy without posturing and without fear of getting your hands dirty.

Address: Carrer del Poeta Antonino Chocomeli, 1, 46015 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday through Friday 20.30 a 22.30 h, Saturday of 14 a 15.30 h and from 20.30 a 23 h
Phone: 962 05 65 17



The Italian craft brewery Ruzanuvol is located in the Valencian neighborhood of Russafa, in the Eixample district. In addition to barley juice, Ruzanuvol is specialized in Mediterranean and Italian dishes and tapas with the best raw materials imported directly from the Latin country. In an informal atmosphere you can enjoy delicious dishes with genre from the Russafa Market or with Protected Designation of Origin from some corner of Italy: eggplant parmigiana, caprese of mozzarella 100% buffalo, exquisite plates of Italian cold cuts and cheeses, wraps ...

Address: Carrer de Lluís de Santàngel, 3, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 19 a 1 h
Phone: 680 99 38 92


Bodega Anyora

Anyora dishes are born from tradition, the simplicity, of the memory of the kitchen of a lifetime, the one at home. Its cellar is a nod to the past, but with a look to the future: enameled tiles or Valencian ceramics are combined in various spaces with their own identity in which guests are invited to live and share experiences around a vermouth and an aperitif, a traditional dish of the land or an exquisite stew.

Address: Carrer d’en Vicent Gallart, 15, 46011 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Thursday 13 a 23 h, Friday and Saturday of 13 a 23.30 h
Phone: 963 55 88 09


Oysters Pedrín

Conceived from its birth as a bar of those of a lifetime, Ostras Pedrín is located in a narrow street in the heart of Valencia. The space seeks from its origin to respect the essence of the place taking advantage of the original elements. Its menu shows a varied selection of oysters, salted, gourmet preserves and salads that you can combine with a careful list of wines and cavas.

Address: Bonaire Street, 23, 46003 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 11 a 0 h, Sunday of 11 a 16 h
Phone: 963 767 054


The Strawberries

The Valencian restaurant Les Maduixes is presented as a vegetarian restaurant with traditional food with more than 25 years of professional experience. His team of people works with the common goal that customers leave the restaurant with the express desire to return, which requires punctuality in service, a suitable raw material, balanced prices, a cozy atmosphere and a clean place, day after day.

Address: Daoiz and Velarde Street, 4, 46021 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 13.30 a 16 h, Thursday to Saturday from 21 a 23 h
Phone: 963 69 45 96



The Rodamón de Russafa invites you to a journey through the many gastronomies of the world. Your slogan is clear on your website: who gives up traveling, even mentally, give up living. Thus, have created a gastronomic concept based on the dishes that have impressed them, the dishes that are part of your day to day, the dishes they would love to enjoy sometime ...

Address: Swedish Street, 46004 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 13.30 a 16.00 and h 20.30 a 23.30 h.
Phone: 963 21 80 14



Khambú is a vegan restaurant in Valencia where you will find an extensive menu with surprising burgers, snacks, salads, artisan desserts and original organic soft drinks, everything 100% vegetable and tasty. It maintains the lowest possible prices and now offers the possibility of home delivery or local collection.

Address: Quart Street, 41b, 46001 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 13 a 16 and h 20 a 23 h
Phone: 963 12 09 01


Canalla Bistro

Savor a Pastrami sandwich like you're on New York's Lower East Side, taste an okonomiyaki pizza or a smoked eel nigiri as if you just got off work in Osaka, enjoy with a cochinita pibil as if you would do it in any Mexican town ... All this and much more is Canalla Bistro. The dishes of this eclectic restaurant transport its guests to the different parts of the world that have made chef Ricard Camarena fall in love with their food.

Address: Carrer del Mestre Josep Serrano, 5, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 13.30 a 16 and h 20 a 23 h
Phone: 963 74 05 09


Pelayo Gastro Trinquet

Starting from an incomparable setting, Trinquet Pelayo offers an immersive experience in the world of Valencian pelota, the ratchet, their myths and traditions within the collective imagination. Its challenges and objectives are to offer a gastronomic proposal of classic Valencian dishes and others that are not so.. Chef Pablo Margós's kitchen is based on an advanced technique without losing, never, tradition and excellent product treatment, especially to the native.

Address: Pelai Street, 6, 46007 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Thursday 9 a 17 and h 20 a 0.30 h, Friday and Saturday of 9 a 0.30 h
Phone: 963 51 41 56


Carmela House

Casa Carmela's paella continues to be cooked according to the rhythms set by the great-grandmother, with fire made with orange wood and with quality raw materials and proximity. Thin layer and smoky flavor, Casa Carmela serves the paella in the center of the table to safeguard a ceremony typical of Mediterranean culture.

Address: Isabel de Villena Street, 155, 46011 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 13 a 16 h
Phone: 963 71 00 73



In 2010, Quique Dacosta opened the first gastrobar in Valencia, a concept set in a typical market place where people can have tapas at the table, in the bars or on your private terrace. In Mercatbar, customers will find a fun kitchen that interprets traditional tapas and dishes from the world by turning to the local pantry. The bar, turned into vermouth shop, offers moments where the aperitif becomes food and where one can observe how the cook prepares some dishes.

Address: Joaquín Costa Street, 27, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Thursday from 13.30 a 16 and h 20.30 a 22.30 h, Friday of 13.30 a 16 and h 20.30 a 23 h, Saturday of 13.30 a 16.30 and h 20.30 a 23 h
Phone: 963 74 85 58



According to his manager and chef, Saiti is a communication channel that allows to spread the message of haute cuisine so that it reaches everyone who wants to get closer and “disconnect” from day to day. Its philosophy is based on tradition, respecting the raw material and the cooking points, but giving a touch of modernity and innovation to your dishes. Their commitment to quality leads them to elaborate 4 different menus per year to adapt to each season and to be able to offer its customers a fresh product.

Address: Carrer de la Reina Na Germana, 4, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 13.30 a 15.30 and h 20.30 a 22.30 h
Phone: 960 05 41 24


Toshi Restaurant

Toshi Restaurant tries to cook honest and without artifice, with good quality products and cooked with respect to try to offer dishes full of flavor and without artifice. The setting is small and intimate and the only barrier between the diner and the cook is the bar, what makes the dish to be served at the moment, when the ingredients are at their best to taste.

Address: Carrer del Salvador, 5, 46003 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Thursday through Sunday 14 a 17 h, Thursday to Saturday from 21 a 23 h
Phone: 673 75 33 47



Ricard camarena

Taste, absolute respect for the product, creative cuisine without fanfare, commitment to tradition peppered with cosmopolitan influences, Mediterranean and temporality, this is how the gastronomic proposal of Ricard Camarena is defined, a restaurant decked out with 2 Michelin stars. This restaurant offers a very personal cuisine, simple in appearance, but complicated in its elaboration. The chef undresses his culinary soul and develops his creativity without superfluous elements that can cloud what he wants to convey.

Address: Of. of Burjassot, 54, 46009 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Wednesday to Saturday from 13.30 a 15 and h 20 a 22 h
Phone: 963 35 54 18


El Poblet

El Poblet (2 Michelin stars) develops the philosophy of Quique Dacosta's cuisine in Valencia. Luis Valls "Valencia kitchen" through innovative market cuisine, committed and proximity: haute cuisine born in the light of the Mediterranean. The restaurant surprises with its own dishes and interesting flashes of personality, focusing its proposal on a modern Valencian cuisine that does not leave indifferent, always with fine textures, powerful flavors and local products.

Address: C. of Post Office, 8, 46002 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday through Wednesday 20.30 a 21.30 h, Thursday to Saturday from 13.30 a 14.30 and of 20.30 a 21.30 h
Phone: 961 111 106 / 672 775 400


The climb

Top quality products, an obvious finesse in the elaboration, marked flavors and a remarkable regularity in the preparation of the dishes. Overcome fame by winning a talent show the fame of the chef Begoña Rodrigo remains, a woman with great personality always faithful to her style with fine textures and delicate presentations. The winner of a Michelin Star is committed to the purity of flavor and to further exploit the vegetables from its environment.

Address: Carrer de Pere III el Gran, 11, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 13 a 17.30 and h 20 a 0 h
Phone: 963 81 75 16 / 601 724 245


Happens Restaurant

It happens is the recovery of the culinary legacy left by the confluence of Roman civilizations, Arab or Christian in the city of Valencia through the technique and creativity of former Bulli Miguel Ángel Mayor, chef with a Michelin star since the year 2017. It happens is not a place of recipes, it is not a house of written formulas, It is a restaurant of creation. Its tasting menus are educational, through brief explanations for each menu sequence in which the culinary feeling is transmitted, the products, the techniques and ways of eating of each era.

Address: Carrer de l’Almirall, 14, 46003 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Thursday from 20.30 a 22 h, Friday and Saturday of 13.30 a 15.00 and of 20.30 a 22 h
Phone: 963 15 52 87



Awarded a Michelin Star, Riff restaurant is central, of careful assembly and with a careful aesthetic of minimalist inspiration. The chef and owner, that being German is considered a Valencian more, proposes signature cuisine based on local seasonal products, always of the best quality and with the right combinations.

Address: Carrer del Comte d’Altea, 18, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday 13.30 a 15 and h 20.30 a 22 h
Phone: 671 87 59 75



The Rose of Jericho

La Rosa de Jericó is one of the most traditional pastry shops in Valencia. Since 1983, this place amazes everyone who passes in front of its shop window, that always attracts attention. Its interior, with the cupcakes placed on the counter, they will delight any lover of sweets. His famous whims, his english punch, their pancakes, their exquisite cakes, sus croissants, their nougats ... everything in La Rosa de Jericó is to die for.

Address: Hernán Cortés Street, 14, 46004 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 10 a 14.30 and h 17.30 a 20.30 h
Phone: 963 52 45 45


Truffles Martinez

They have the best chocolate in Valencia at Trufas Martínez. It is impossible to resist its classic artisanal truffles. You can also taste sheets of pure chocolate with Maldon salt, cinnamon or peppermint, cubanitos, wafers, chocolates, chocolate bars, in addition to original products such as its delicious shock.

Address: C / Ruzafa, 12, 46004 Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Saturday, from 10 a 14 and h 17 a 20.30 h
Phone: 963 51 62 89


Pastry By Torreblanca Valencia

Countless recognitions and a dazzling career have made Paco Torreblanca one of the best pastry chefs in Spain and, probably, of the world. His creations are characterized by being avant-garde and innovative, like the acclaimed wedding cake of the wedding between Prince Felipe and Doña Letizia. Its famous panettone and the revision it makes of the classic sweets makes this pastry a must in the city of Valencia.

Address: Street of the Count of Salvatierra de Alava, 35, 46004 Valencia, Valencia
Phone: 963 94 12 49



Monplá pastry products are made with top quality raw materials. It has a wide variety of both sweet and savory products, with a large number of bakery and pastry offerings that have evolved through more than 40 years of experience accumulated by the business.

Address: Carrer de Pizarro, 32, 46004 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 7.30 a 20.30 h
Phone: 963 51 71 51


Bakery Oven Tendetes

This pastry shop in Valencia stands out for being in an unbeatable area of ​​the city and having a perfect terrace for any time of year. Among its products we find a wide range of sweet and savory for all palates: homemade apple pie, chocolate croissants or ensaimadas, also pizzas, empanadas or empanadillas. It should be noted its artisan Valencian horchata.

Address: Avinguda Burjasot, 27, 46009 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 7 a 20 h, Sunday of 8 a 20 h
Phone: 963 476 424


Notre Dame Pastry

It was the first French pastry shop in the city, and with the name of "the French" she was known in Valencia. Their butter croissants are delicious and the presentation of the cakes is perfect. At the Notre Dame Pastry Shop the best desserts are made with which to accompany special moments, like birthday, anniversaries, wedding, communions or moments when you just want to have a delicious sweet.

Address: Salamanca Street, 40, 46005 Valencia, Valencia




The cat

At its entrance there is a sign that reads: «Here you will find the real Neapolitan pizza declared by Unesco Cultural Heritage of Humanity». With this level of expectations, the Italian restaurant La Gatta welcomes us, which has become in recent months the Valencian reference of the Latin dish. Space is small, with just ten tables, and at the bottom a small oven from which the most traditional pizzas come out, like the fresh buffala mozzarella margarita, the anchovy marinara or the salami and ricotta calzone.

Address: Carrer del Comte d’Altea, 36, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 19.30 a 0.00 h
Phone: 628 128 205


The Alchemist

L’Alquimista stands as the temple of fresh Italian pasta, like a secret of those that one feels the need to tell. Finger molded ravioli, garganelli with wild boar ragout or the typical Ravenna spoon dishes can be part of a tasting menu that it is impossible not to request. And it is that the combination of raw materials imported from Italy and extremely fresh local products could not give a better result.

Address: Carrer de Lluís de Santàngel, 1, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Wednesday to Sunday from 12 a 15.30 and h 19 a 23 h
Phone: 685 201 413


Break Naples

Spacca Napoli's pizzas follow the classic Neapolitan recipe, made with fresh dough cooked daily, very carefully, and ingredients originating from the Italian region. The baking, Of course, takes place in a real wood oven.

Address: Carrer de l’Heroi Romeu, 12, 46006 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Thursday 20 a 0 h, Friday through Sunday 13 a 16 and h 20 a 0 h
Phone: 963 260 770


komori valencia


Mediterranean raw material. Simple and elegant Japanese-style elaborations. Tradition and modernity. An unbeatable location in the best area of ​​Valencia. All seasoned with a room service that combines Japanese respect and Spanish hospitality. The best of both cultures can be tasted at Kōmori, elegant in its forms and daring in its proposals.

Address: General Gil Dolz Street, s/n, 46010 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 14 a 16 and h 20.30 a 23 h
Phone: 960 04 56 35



The izakaya are Japanese places where the most traditional cuisine of the Japanese country is served in a relaxed atmosphere. Valencia has its own, and has been around for 5 years in a place in Ruzafa that could well be planted in the heart of Osaka. The menu consists of the most representative tapas and desserts: takoyaki (octopus balls), okonomiyaki (a kind of Japanese omelette), karaage (battered chicken) o taiyaki (fish-shaped sweet stuffed with red bean paste).

Address: Carrer de Pere III el Gran, 13, 46006 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday 20.30 a 23.30 h
Phone: 963 119 429



Nuria and José Miguel, owners of Nozomi Sushi Bar, They are passionate about Japanese culture and, in particular, of your kitchen for more than 15 years. In 2015 opened Nozomi Sushi Bar, a personal project that literally means "the illusion of a dream come true". The restaurant maintains a waiting list of three to four weeks for weekends, while getting a table during the week requires about three days. This allows us to recognize how a Japanese cuisine restaurant has become an absolute reference in a city with a great cultural offer of this style..

Address: Carrer de Pere III el Gran, 11, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Wednesday of 20.45 a 0 h, Thursday to Saturday from 13.45 a 17 and h 20.45 a 0 h and sunday of 20.45 a 0 h
Phone: 961 487 764


Same to you

You can tell there is a Japanese hand behind this restaurant. The letter has few things, but they embroider it in all. The dish is homemade from start to finish, and they even have their own noodle maker. In the neighborhood of Ruzafa, Ramen Kuma brings us the most popular dish of Japanese gastronomy, an authentic and traditional ramen. A very specialized menu where there are only two main dishes, miso or soy ramen.

Address: Carrer del Pintor Salvador Abril, 6, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday 20.30 a 23.30 h
Phone: 960 099 970




Greek cuisine is simply delicious. Traditional recipes cooked in the heart of Valencia, almost at the foot of the Basilica. There its owners enjoy the space necessary to prepare home cooking, familiar and traditional with which they have earned themselves to be a benchmark of Hellenic culture in the Spanish Levant. Kuzina's idea is clear, bring true greek tradition, home-made cuisine and the hospitality of its people at the table.

Address: Carrer del Comte d’Almodóvar, 4, 46003 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Wednesday to Monday from 12 a 23 h
Phone: 960 013 554




If you want to enjoy the best Indian food in Valencia, discover Swagat and let yourself be carried away by the authentic flavors of its traditional Hindu cuisine that will take you to the heart of India. Try its most emblematic dishes and travel through spicy flavors, unique colors and scents. They make dishes from all over India, north and south, that you can enjoy in its original recipes as if you were in Bombay or New Delhi.

Address: Carrer del Comte d’Altea, 44, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 13 a 16.30 and h 19.30 a 0 h
Phone: 963 041 742



Beirut Restaurants

Beirut is born in 1995 from the idea of ​​transferring all the flavor and charm of Lebanese gastronomy to a totally different culture, the Spanish. After more than two decades, this restaurant can say that its cuisine has captivated. Beirut is a life project that has managed to carve out a place in a place where deep-rooted culinary customs have always existed, halfway between Turkish and Arabic cuisine.

Address: Carrer de Mossèn Femenia, 12, 46006 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 13 a 0 h
Phone: 960 479 438



Ameyal Restaurant

Ameyal's kitchen - spring, in Nahuatl language- it is rich in aromas and an explosion of very different flavors. Whether you know Mexico or not, Ameyal takes you to him through a careful meal and unbeatable service in an elegant and comfortable place that aims to banish the stereotypes that exist around Mexican culture.

Address: Conde Salvatierra Street 39, 46001 Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Thursday from 14 a 16 and h 20.30 a 23 h, Friday and Saturday of 14 a 16.30 and h 20.30 a 23.30 h, Sunday of 14 a 16.30 h
Phone: 963 20 58 37 / 963 236 153


Taqueria La Llorona

Taquería La Llorona brings us closer to real Mexican urban food, a different taco concept where you can discover new experiences. Lovers of Mexican food cannot miss the restaurant's star dish, their juicy tacos: the golden taco with chicken, green sauce, lettuce, radishes and fresh cheese; their caella / tiger shark fish taco, purple cabbage, chipotle and avocado; or the fantastic hearty potato taco, chistorra, veal, green picón mojo and pork rind.

Address: Carrer del Pintor Salvador Abril, 35, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday of 20 a 23 h, Thursday and Saturday of 13.30 a 15.30 and h 20 a 23 h, Sunday of 20 a 23 h
Phone: 963 28 73 97



Mey-Mey Chinese Restaurant

The dishes of the Mey-Mey Chinese restaurant are based on the extensive use of ingredients, specific cutting techniques and special attention to cooking. They pamper the presentation with a diversity of colors and shapes and are expert connoisseurs of a cuisine such as Chinese, more than 2.000 years of history.

Address: Historian Diago Street, 19, 46007 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday 13.30 a 16 and h 20 a 23.30 h, Sunday of 13.30 a 16 h
Phone: 963 84 07 47



Somersault, Welcome to bali

The first impression when entering Somersault Bali is that you are taking a trip to the heart of the country: its original and jungle decoration, the fountains and sounds will do the impossible to transfer your guests to live a different experience. Of the local, in addition to its decoration, highlights attention, the speed and the close and correct treatment. Its food stands out for its presentation, the taste of the dishes and the variety of flavors.

Address: Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 59, 46005 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 13.15 a 17 and h 20.15 a 3.30 h
Phone: 962 604 607




Al Andalus, between east and west, it was the cradle of one of the most refined cultures in the world. Gastronomy was a pleasure, a source of health, a journey of mysterious dimensions. Balansiya has been able to recover the essentials of our Arab heritage, with the taste of the traditional, the artisan, the chosen, of a story that echoes in our fountains and ditches. Balansiya restaurant opened in 2004 in the university area of ​​Taronjers and became the first Arab restaurant of Andalusian tradition in Valencia.

Address: Stroll of the Faculties, 3, 46021 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 13.30 a 17 and h 20.30 a 0 h
Phone: 963 890 824



Super Healthy

Super Healthy is a new concept that brings food to your home 100% you, fresh and without additives. Their menus are based on superfoods such as quinoa or kale, in fresh salmon-based products, chicken breast or cochinita pibil and accompaniments such as sushi rice, pasta, avocado, spinach, coconut or mango milk ...



Aloha Poké

In Aloha Poké they make all their bowls with healthy and fresh ingredients, with multiple options of raw fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits and side dishes like wakame seaweed or edamame. Focused on quality, the only thing that matters is that the product is fresh and close every morning, without giving up a new way of eating based on quick attention, but with food that respects the times of the earth.



Hundred Burgers

The Hundred Burgers hamburger in Valencia has a winning hamburger for the best Burger in Spain in 2018. If one of these days you fancy a real meat bomb with homemade bread and hand-made every day, You can order it here accompanied by French fries and the drink of your choice.

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The Neapolitan Glutton

Authentic Neapolitan pizza. Here they cook under the baton of Giuseppe, napolitano and pizzero; Vanessa, your partner; and his team of kitchen collaborators. They are masters of traditional combinations. Visit them or place your order online, they will surprise you with their specialties.

Address: Sagunto Street, 23, 46009 Valencia, Valencia
Schedule: Tuesday to Thursday from 20 a 23.30 h, Friday of 20 a 0 h, Saturday and Sunday of 13.30 a 16 and h 20 a 0 h
Phone: 603 68 72 72



Okay Lah!

In "Okay Lah!” you will find the best Asian and European food to travel with the senses, memories and emotions. They cook with the aim of discovering new flavors and enjoying a variety of dishes of the best quality. They have something for every occasion and craving. They serve it to you in the restaurant or they bring it home.

Address: The Garrigues, 15, 46001 Valencia
Schedule: Monday and Tuesday of 13 a 17 h, Wednesday to Sunday from 13 a 23.30 h
Phone: 960 23 22 60