Discover Valencia in 2 days

Located southeast of the peninsula, Valencia is the third most populated city in Spain. It is characterized by its exquisite historical and cultural heritage, where it highlights emblematic spaces such as its City of Arts and Sciences and the attractions that are contemplated in it.

  1. The Silk Exchange
    : Carrer de la Llotja, 2, 46001 Valencia, Valencia
    Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday, from 10.00 a 19.00 hours. Sunday and holidays, from 10.00 a 14.00 hours
    Contact: 962 08 41 53
  2. Parish of San Nicolás de Bari and San Pedro Mártir
    : Carrer dels Cavallers, 35, 46001 Valencia, Valencia
    Contact: 963 91 33 17
  3. Cathedral of Santa Maria of Valencia
    : Plaça de l’Almoina, s/n, 46003 Valencia, Valencia
    Contact: 963 91 81 27
  4. Royal Basilica of the Forsaken
    : Plaza de la Virgen, s/n, 46001 Valencia, Valencia
    Schedule: Every day from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
    Contact: 963 91 92 14
  5. Serranos Towers
    : Plaça dels Furs, s/n, 46003 Valencia
    Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Sundays and holidays, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m..
    Contact: 963 91 90 70

Iniciamos nuestra ruta en the Silk Exchange (1), Central area of ​​the Ciutat Vella area of ​​Valencia and the old merchants square where we will allocate the first visit of the day to visit its facilities.

Then, nos desplazaremos hacia el norte por la Calle Danzas y por la Plaza del Forn de Sant Nicolau hasta llegar al Carrer de l´Abadia de Sant Nicolau donde se alza la sobrecogedora Parish of San Nicolás de Bari and San Pedro Mártir (2). Once we discover its interior, You will know why it is known as the Valencian Sistine Chapel.

To link our next destination by a straighter path, we ascend a little until we reach Calle de Caballeros, where we will turn east until we converge with the Plaça de la Mare de Déu. We will deviate a little to the south between Carrer del Micalet and Plaça de l'Almoina, encontrándonos con la antiquísima Cathedral of Santa Maria of Valencia (3), current seat of the archbishopric, donde entraremos en sus inmediaciones para una merecida visita.

We will go back up to Plaça de la Mare de Déu and in a few meters we will find our next objective, the Royal Basilica of the Forsaken (4), beautiful place of worship to pray for the most socially needy and those with mental illness.

We will conclude the visit of the day by moving to the north of the center of Valencia along Calle Salvador where we will end in a long avenue, the Calle del Conde de Trénor. Unos metros al oeste se sitúan las impresionantes Serranos Towers (5), old entrance to the city that still has its structure intact.

We start the day of our second and last day from the same point we started yesterday, in the Lonja de la Seda, where on this occasion we will travel to the southeast of the Valencian center.

First we will stroll east along Calle de los Derechos until the end of Calle de la Paz, where we will find the first point of tourist interest of the day, la característica Sea Gate (1), old entrance to Palace and monument in honor of the fallen of the Spanish Civil War.

A partir de aquí empezaremos un largo descenso por la avenida que transcurre por Plaza de América y Calle Alcalde Reig hasta llegar al inmenso recinto que forma the City of Arts and Sciences (2). During the rest of the day we will take the opportunity to take a walk around the area and visit the largest aquarium in Europe, he Oceanographic (3).